De Boer & Van Hout heeft in de afgelopen jaren veel verschillende soorten producten gefabriceerd. Van kleine draaidelen voor de medische industrie tot actuator systemen. 


Hieronder een kleine showcase van een aantal van onze producten.

  • Desklift Column

    Desklift Column

    De Boer & Van Hout designed and developed this telescopic desk-lift column for a large Dutch company. The column consists of two anodized aluminum tubes that are fitted with PTFE inserts, one matching actuator and a simple electrical system. The lifting power ranges from 800 to 3000N. This column is used to lift heavy-weight LED presentations screens.

    All components of this lifting system were developed following specific wishes from the client. We also performed the life-cycle tests on the apparatus and arranged for certification. We have the actuator for the column produced at what is probably the best actuator manufacturer in China.

    Model No. DBVH-D1
    Type Aluminum products
  • Tube-in-Tube Scaffold

    Tube-in-Tube Scaffold

    De Boer & Van Hout developed this folding scaffold together with the Dutch client for the Dutch and Belgian markets. The special characteristics of this scaffold are its tube-in-tube construction and the folding joint in the middle of the scaffold.

    Also, the platform of this scaffold was designed and developed in such a way that there are no weldings needed in its construction. This adds significantly to the safety of the platform.

    We produce this scaffold in our own facilities in China.

    Model No. DBVH-S1
    Type Aluminum products
  • Ladder


    This is no ordinary ladder. This ladder holds a positioning mechanism hidden in its uprights. Moreover, this ladder was developed for the Dutch professional market, which requires the most strict certifications in Europe. For example: each of these steps should hold 3500N without deformation.

    During the design and development of this ladder De Boer & Van Hout assisted the client with many 3D-work (AutoCAD and Solidworks) and stress analysis using finite element analysis (Hyperworks and Ansys).


    Model No. DBVH-L01
    Type Aluminum products
  • click lock

    click lock

    De Boer & Van Hout delivers a wide range of cast products to its clients. This aluminum sand-cast click-lock is an example of such product. Other casting techniques include investment casting – in particular for high precision cast parts. Material that we currently cover as casting products include stainless steel, steel, aluminum and alloys like ZAMAC. Product sizes range from several grams to 80 kilgorams.

    Model No. DBVH-A2
    Type Aluminum products
  • Pressure plates & Wedges

    Pressure plates & Wedges

    De Boer & Van Hout produces these plastic positioning plates and wedges for one of the largest distributors of building and construction materials in The Netherlands. The products were developed with the client and are produced in our own injection moulding facility in China.

    Model No. DBVH-P2
    Type Plastics
  • Ground screw

    Ground screw

    De Boer & Van Hout produce aluminum flag-pole systems for advertising purposes. This plastic groundscrew is part of one of these systems. We produce this groundscrew in our own injection moulding facility. We designed and developed this product with the client.

    Model No. DBVH-G2
    Type Plastics
  • Light trap

    Light trap

    De Boer & Van Hout also helps in getting product assemblies made for their clients. This product is a light-trap and is used in poultry stables. The product consists of galvanized steel plate-work, PVC profiled sheets and a set of fastening materials.

    We designed and developed this light-trap with our customer. For this, we did 3D drawing work and we performed light-blocking tests and air-flow tests. We produce the plate-work for the trap and outsource production of the PVC profiles. Savings for the client were considerable.

    Model No. DBVH-L1
    Type Plastics
  • Automotive inserts

    Automotive inserts

    There are a great many brass and steel inserts that De Boer & Van Hout supplies to plastic companies. Often, these inserts are placed into the injection moulds using robots. It is essential that defect levels are kept to the lowest possible values, e.g. 50 ppm. To reach these low defect levels, we use e.g. optical selection equipment and vibratory bowls linked to go-no-go calibers.


    Model No. DBVH-I2
    Type Precision Parts
  • Handcrank


    This is an example of a high precision part that is used plastic medical equipment. There are 6 critical dimensions associated with this product. All of these are manually tested using special measuring moulds. It is this manual testing that is very labor intensive. And therefore, China offers a cost-efficient solution.

    Model No. DBVH-I01
    Type Precision Parts
  • Axles


    These are precision axles that are used in medical equipment of a famous German brand. Critical tolerances on these axles run as strict as 0.002 mm. Also special is the surface coating of these axles that consists of chemically deposited nickel.

    These products were previously exclusively produced in Germany. Since 2012, De Boer & Van Hout supply these products to the client from China.

    Model No. DBVH-P02
    Type Precision Parts
  • Spiral Shaft

    Spiral Shaft

    This feeding screw is used in larger agricultural machinery — the length of this screw is 1800 mm and its diameter is 350 mm. It is just one of the many parts and components of agricultural machinery that we produce for our clients. Examples of other products in this class are shafts, axles, transportation chains, mixing vessels, plate-work and so on and so forth. Some of these products are also listed on this website.

    Model No. DBVH-W01
    Type Weldings and Assemblies
  • Dryer Plate

    Dryer Plate

    De Boer & Van Hout developed this dryer plate in close cooperation and extensive testing with its client. This dryer plate measures approximately 2200x500x45mm and holds more than 12,000 (twelve thousand) punctured holes. Construction of the plate requires laser-cutting, CNC bending, and robot-welding so as to meet tight tolerances. Due to the corrosive environment in which the plates are used, extensive and advanced coating processing is needed.

    This is a perfect example of a product that requires long machining times and many processing steps. An excellent product to cost-efficiently produce in China.


    Model No. DBVH-S01
    Type Weldings and Assemblies
  • Rear Shaft

    Rear Shaft

    De Boer & Van Hout produce many parts for agriculatural machinery. This axle is just one of these. The length of this axle is 2200mm and its diameter is 80mm. Other examples of agricultural machinery parts are e.g. transportation chains, large dryer plates, screw-transporters, dryer-plate belts and so on and so forth. All these parts are custom made and often require extensive machining- or manual processing.

    Model No. 1234UU
    Type Weldings and Assemblies